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Empowering Publishers for Success

Gain Bidder Intelligence

AY Prebid Server

Flexible, Powerful, and Unbiased

AY Prebid Server offers a solution tailored to publishers seeking agnostic demand, efficiency, higher CPMs, and advanced ML-powered features. Assertive stands out as the premier choice for those looking to elevate their programmatic advertising strategies.

Yield Manager

Revenue Growth

Get empowered to achieve 10-30% revenue growth, with full control over wrapper management, real-time reporting, and tools for efficient adstack management across multiple domains. Ensure optimal user experiences and scalability.

Yield Optimizer

Maximizing Revenue with Precision

Yield Optimizer empowers publishers with precision and automation, offering cutting-edge solutions in Dynamic Flooring, Demand Path Optimization, and Accurate Revenue Predictions. Harness the accuracy of AI and machine learning to set smart floors in real-time, thrive in auctions with intelligent matchmaking, and unlock automated, highly accurate revenue predictions. Elevate your ad revenue strategy with Yield Optimizer's transformative technologies.

Yield Intelligence

Your Data. Your Game!

Access your first-party data in real-time, granular as you never thought possible. All your revenue streams are in one place across hundreds of dimensions and metrics, extended with your custom data segments and audiences.

Traffic Shaping

Green traffic, lower costs

Shape more efficient and profitable traffic while increasing revenue from your DSP partners through machine learning user profiling data in real time. Increase optimal QPS; traded value wins rates and infrastructure cost savings.

Audience Scalling

Grow audience with data in mind

Combine revenue and spend sources, normalize the data, the session RPS, CPC, and ROI you are achieving for each campaign, adset, ad, publisher, section, or account.


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Frequently asked questions

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What is Assertive Yield?

Assertive Yield is a comprehensive ad platform designed for publishers and SSPs, offering a suite of tools for total ad revenue management to maximize ad revenue and enhance user lifetime value. Its wrapper combines more than 11 solutions in one, such as advanced yield analytics in real-time, dynamic flooring, a/b testing, and bid request optimization.

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Which integrations does Assertive Yield provide?

With dozens of integrations available, publishers can seamlessly manage their entire ad revenue streams from a single platform.  Assertive Yield has native integration with Prebid, besides many other header biddings like Amazon Publisher Service, Google Ad Manager, video players, content recommendations, and more.

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How does Assertive Yield provide revenue data in real time?

Assertive Yield provides revenue data from all revenue sources in real time with an incredibly low reporting latency of only 30 seconds. With an easy setup, the AY script just needs to be inserted on the website page and will collect, normalize, and clean every event on the page. Powered by AI, revenue data can be predicted with 94-98% accuracy and enhanced with actual data when available.

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Is Assertive Yield suitable for all publishers?

Editorial publishers, performance publishers, SEO publishers, ad networks, media buyers, consultants, and SSPs (traffic shaping) can maximize their revenue and reduce traffic costs by implementing AY solutions. It's an ideal ad revenue management platform for publishers of all sizes, from medium-sized publishers and premium publishers to media conglomerates, e-commerce, and gaming publishers, with more than 70 billion monthly impressions tracked.

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Which teams benefit from Assertive Yield solutions?

Assertive Yield is a trailblazer in innovative publisher-built AI solutions. Our cutting-edge AY next-gen ad revenue management platform equips publisher teams with a comprehensive suite of tools to analyze, optimize, and seamlessly manage their ad inventory, propelling them toward exponential growth. It's the ultimate publisher's platform that provides more than 11 solutions in one, featuring the most granular analytics, accurate revenue predictions (94-98%), powerful dynamic flooring, and no-code A/B/n testing – all in a single source of truth platform to maximize ad revenue and enhance the reader's experience. Programmatic, AdOps, RevOps, development, product, editorial, and direct sales teams, as well as management, finance, and accounting, can streamline their workflows, scale operations, reduce costs, and align teams towards the same goal.

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What support services does Assertive Yield provide?

Globally available support, 20 hours/day!

To learn more visit:

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