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Yield Intelligence

Your Data. Your Game!

Access your first-party data in real-time, granular as you never thought possible. All your revenue streams are in one place across hundreds of dimensions and metrics, extended with your custom data segments and audiences.

Yield Optimizer

Exceed expectations with our AI, with unprecedented levels of continuous optimization at your fingertips

AY Optimizer is empowered by AY machine learning to automate your flooring, increase revenue and protect your inventory from being underpriced. AY real-time dynamic flooring is optimized for Prebid, Amazon A9, Open Bidding, and AdX.

Yield Manager

Boosting agility, better control

AY Manager is the ultimate game changer. Get control of your ad stack from a single interface. Decisioning and reporting in a single tool. No code, fully flexible, with programmable logic and advanced optimization features. You can personalize your audience experiences with our smart user profiling. And more, discover Publisher's AI Ads Mediation and much more…

Traffic Shaping

Green traffic, lower costs

Shape more efficient and profitable traffic while increasing revenue from your DSP partners through machine learning user profiling data in real time. Increase optimal QPS; traded value wins rates and infrastructure cost savings.

Audience Scalling

Grow audience with data in mind

Combine revenue and spend sources, normalize the data, the session RPS, CPC, and ROI you are achieving for each campaign, adset, ad, publisher, section, or account.


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7 Reasons You Should be Looking Beyond Viewability & Others to Maximize Publisher Revenue

Discover why the viewability metric is just the tip of the iceberg for publishers, and the impacts of other metrics such as CTR, Ad refresh, Ad density, and more on publishers' revenue generation. This approach goes beyond these traditional metrics to explore factors such as optimizing Ad placement, Ad Quality, and UX to revolutionize publishers’ ad revenue.

AY Industry Insights Second Quarter Report: Yield Management In Programmatic

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial for publishers, ad networks, consultants, and SSPs who strive to optimize their performance and stay competitive in this ever-changing environment. We present the latest edition of our quarterly report, packed with AY industry insights, market trends, and expert analysis.

Google Has Added Confirmed Click To Some Of Your Ads: What You Need To Know

The confirmed click penalty, which is also known as 2 click penalty, and “visit site overlay” is no longer shadow penalty and is being officially warned about by Google. This technical gimmick that lets Alphabet protect its advertisers from paying for bad clicks, has been around for quite some time. Still, it was never really acknowledged officially by Google, even though it might have quite an impact on the revenue coming from Google AdX.

Bid Shading in programmatic advertising: all you need to know

Explore the depths of bid shading with our latest blog article. Gain insights into its role in programmatic advertising, deciphering the shift of second-price to first-price auctions, and understanding the algorithms driving bid shading strategies. Uncover the benefits and drawbacks of bid shading and its implications for publishers.

Boosting RPM: Challenges Publishers Should Overcome in A/B Testing to Recover from Ad Spend Slowdown in 2023

Discover how to boost RPM with A/B testing, and what challenges publishers need to overcome to recover from ad spend slowdown in 2023. Learn how industry leaders Like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft Use Online Experiments to Boost RPM and Maximize Ad Revenue. Explore strategies to optimize content, layouts, and demand partners for profitable ad monetization.

Optimize Your Monetization Strategy with Programmatic Benchmark for Publishers

To thrive in the advertising ecosystem, it's crucial to be data-driven as it is to keep up with market trends and programmatic benchmarks for publishers. By delving into existing best practices, emerging trends, profitable SSPs partners, and high-performing ad formats, devices, you can boost your revenue beyond the market norms and hack new revenue streams.

What are Publishers, SSPs and Ad techs roles towards Sustainable Programmatic Supply Path?

As advertisers increasingly prioritize sustainability in their marketing campaigns on the demand side, DSPs are implementing threshold limits to encourage a more environmentally friendly programmatic supply chain. What role does the supply path play in driving this movement towards greener practices?

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