Header Bidding Yield Optimization Utility

Stop losing money due to discrepancies, obscurity, missing optimization - and make your data work for you with deep insight and continues optimization for session value.

In use on sites from ComScore100 and Fortune500 companies.

What are the benefits of using Assertive Yield?

Increase your yield based on actionable data, custom tests improved implementation and per user segment adjustments.

In-depth Actionable Insight

An insane amount of metrics and filters provide deep actionable insight into your websites yield generation.

Timeout Optimization

Run different timeout settings in a session based multivariate split test to find the one with the highest yield.

Custom Multivariate Tests

Test different types of implementation, page layouts, ad placements, ad sizes and find the one with the highest yield per session.

Viewability, CTR and Value CPM

Viewability and CTR has a major impact on yield, therefore we provide a value cpm metric which combines cpm and viewability.

Simplified Discrepancy Management

Monitor your demand partners revenue and manage discrepancy by adjusting their bids, accordingly.

Spot Anomalies on the Fly

Provided mini-graphs on every metric allow you to spot anomalies on the fly, without searching for them.

Analyze User Impact

Fewer ads, smaller ad sizes and different ad placements can lead to a increased yield if the user stays longer. Optimize for session yield.

Filter everything

Filter data on device, os, referrer, utm, custom values... and adjust your implementation on these segments for the optimal yield.

Increase your overall Yield

Combine it all for a two digit yield improvement (usually).

+ 50
Tracked Bidders
+1 trillion
Data Points
+ 50
Active Users

Unique Selling Points (Comparison)

Assertive Yield Roxot (Prebid Analytics) Pubwise
Free Tier 10mm/m impressions - 30k/d page views

Cost 50mm/m impressions
Cost 250mm/m impressions
EUR ~0.002 CPM
(coverage of expenses)
approx. EUR 100 (USD ~120)
approx. EUR 500 (USD ~580)
USD 0.01 CPM (min. USD 1000)

approx. USD 500 1000 (minimum)
approx. USD 2500
USD 0.01 CPM

approx. USD 500
approx. USD 2500
Metric Centric Session, PageView, Impression Session, Impression, Bid Impression, Bid
Report Export
UTM (Paid only)
Report Timezone Change (export only) (through settings)
Low Latency
(no requests pre ad render)
AdX/AdSense Data (for AdSense unified report only)
Adserver support
(when HB lost to the Adserver)
Custom Multivariate Tests
Filters +40 6 (export and custom dashboard) 5 (export only)
(Anomaly Detection)
(additional usage based costs)

Further Assertive Yield Projects

More projects we are working on primarily for our own publishing needs.

Dynamic Floor

In development: Closed Alpha

Increasing overall yield by adjusting floors on the fly on impression level. Based on browser, device and user features as well as historic and real time AY header bidding data.

Video Player/Server

Prototyping: experiments on O&O

Combining video header bidding with tag based waterfalls and machine learning based optimizations (applying Dynamic Floor experience) for optimal yield.

Anti Redirects (Malvertising)

Proof of concept completed.

Efficient redirect detection, tracking and sandboxing (blocking) at nearly no cost of additional latency (~5ms) and render blocking free execution.

Ready to Get Started?

Increase your yield based on actionable data, custom tests, improved implementation and per user segment adjustments.