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Our Story

AY emerged from the critical need for a global ad revenue management platform to assertively scale the long-term profits of digital publishers.

Assertive Yield equips digital publishers with several powerful websites monetization solutions to maximize ad revenue and user lifetime value. By offering a all-in-one platform, our partners can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and unify their teams towards the same goal.

Publishers, SSPs, and Ad Networks are empowered by Assertive Yield's transformative solutions. Our distinguished partners comprises renowned Publishers and SSPs from the U.S., UK, Canada, and EMEA, including 9Gag, Apartment Therapy, Shinez, LADBible, ContentIQ, GumGum, and Connatix and many others.

Assertive Yield was born in the vibrant city of The Hague, Netherlands, where our founder, Nils Lind, embarked on a mission to create a publisher-built total ad revenue management solution. Through unwavering dedication and a shared commitment to excellence, the company evolved from a two-person team to a diverse ensemble of +30 skilled senior professionals collaborating globally. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to break boundaries and empower businesses to reach new heights.


The journey of Nils Lind in the gaming industry takes flight as a publisher. The Digital Publishing Company is established, fostering a social network with a forum-style structure that spans over ten communities, including one of the largest Minecraft forums worldwide.

The inception of Assertive Yield paves the way for innovative Yield Analytics. Our first employee joins the company, contributing to developing state-of-the-art AI products such as Revenue Forecasting, Bid Request Optimization, and Dynamic Flooring.


Dashboards, Video Integrations, Traffic Acquisitions, and Traffic Shaping are introduced; achieving high availability through multi-region/country. Revenue skyrockets, tripling in size; This period also sees the introduction of Content Recommendation Integrations and the game-changer Yield Manager.

Our customer base and portfolio experiences a dynamic growth phase, as well as as well as our team, expanding from 11 to 30 highly skilled seniors, experts, analysts, and partners.


Why ‘Assertive Yield’?

Assertive Yield embodies our commitment to empowering publishers with the confidence to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape and maximize ad revenue potential, while enhancing user lifecycle value. Our name reflects our unwavering dedication to providing assertive solutions that address the diverse data challenges faced by our clients, allowing them to channel their focus towards sustained growth and success.

The upward arrow in our logo symbolizes continuous, assertive, and sustainable growth, derived from the A in Assertive. Simultaneously, the embedded Y represents Yield and a crossroad—a pivotal junction where clients are empowered to make informed decisions. This intersection signifies our role in guiding publishers towards brighter futures by enabling them to compare options and chart the most advantageous course forward.

Empowering Publisher Ecosystem for Sustainable Growth

Our Mission

Assertive Yield's mission is to empower the supply side with informative, efficient, and innovative technology tailored to meet challenging needs while supporting a cleaner ecosystem. As a trusted partner, we remain independent, agnostic, and unbiased, enabling publishers to focus on their core business while we equip them with the best tools to explore new ways of monetization. Through data transparency and leading-edge technology, we bridge the gap between readers, content providers, ad networks, and SSPs, fostering growth and creating a more sustainable digital advertising ecosystem for the sell-side. Our approach includes understanding our clients' needs, providing comprehensive support, and fostering an environment of continuous exploration and innovation.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, innovative, and holistic solution for digital publishers worldwide, empowering them to maximize profitability, efficiency, and audience engagement through groundbreaking technology and sustainable growth in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

We envision a future where data isn't just a metric, but the cornerstone of exceptional revenue growth and customer experiences for publishers ecosystem. By championing data transparency, AI innovation, offering unparalleled analytical depth, we're reshaping the industry narrative, one insight at a time. Join us in shaping the future of data-driven publishing.

Our Values

At our core, we're a team of passionate go-getters from diverse backgrounds, all driven by a common goal: to share knowledge and foster transparency. We thrive on teamwork, building strong connections within our crew and with our partners to continuously boost our performance. When you engage with us, expect an experience that's captivating, inspiring, and empowering from start to finish.


Is at the heart of who we are. We believe in honest, humble, and confident communication as a fundamental value.


We're collaborative, proactive, and solution-oriented, which enable us to work together seamlessly and effectively.

Experience Excellence

We've walked in your shoes and remain committed to delivering the best solutions for you and your customers.

Knowledge Sharing

Committed to continuous improvement, we seek growth within ourselves but also internally and externally.

From the Founder

From the Founder

Throughout his career in the publishing industry, founder Nils Lind identified a critical need for a real-time data collection, normalization, and analysis tool for publishers. In response, he created an exceptional first-party data tracker that delivers unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and granularity across all revenue channels. Enthralled by his creation, Nils invited other publishers to experience its capabilities firsthand.

“In my early days, I realized that no software was measuring the user lifetime value for the website data that could help publishers improve the revenue earned from advertising. This made me curious to develop a product that could provide data optimization and personalization of data catered to each publisher’’

Nils quickly established a strong presence within the publishing community, becoming a well-respected industry expert. He went on to develop Yield Analytics, a holistic platform providing real-time, granular insights that empower global publishers to optimize performance across time zones while saving time on data collection, normalization, and troubleshooting.

‘’I am a data-driven person and having an engineering background, I wanted to become a disrupter and a game changer in the Ad Tech industry’’

Assertive Yield is committed to innovation and frequently launches new products, features, and integrations. For example, yield Optimizer offers publishers an AI-powered dynamic flooring solution, while Yield Manager is a versatile wrapper that facilitates the real-time testing of various hypotheses. Additionally, Traffic Shaping provides a unique solution for SSPs to reduce traffic costs, increase efficiency, and contribute to a greener advertising supply chain.

‘’It's time to publishers experience the power of real-time data, no code A/B testing and to have data transparency and control towards their own data, we empower them with our cutting edge tracker on page, which collects data from all revenue streams. Our machine learning algorithms predicts revenue in real-time from vendors with 96-99% accuracy. A real-time dashboard with the most granular layers of data to publisher slice and dice, so that they can find new ways to monetize based com no code A/B testing. of each publisher and also to provide unique features like real-time monitoring and alerts powered by AI which consider seasonality, so that they don’t lose out on data discrepancies. What we do is provide granular real-time data, optimize it and make assertive changes’’

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Our Dream Team

Our team is a dynamic fusion of skilled professionals and technical experts who excel in their respective fields. We relentlessly strive to deliver our valued partners the highest level of service and satisfaction.

Our Management Team

Nils Lind

Founder & CEO

Ryan Abrahams

Chief Revenue Officer

Katia Moura

Chief Marketing Officer

Sherzod Rizaev

Chief Operating Officer

Priti Powell

Chief Strategy Officer

Eytan Sayag

VP of Customer Success

Frederic Lamoulie

SVP of Sales - EMEA

Jeff Deren

SVP of Sales - North America

Our Customer Success Team

Stanislav Kaschiyski

POC Specialist & Account Manager

Peter Goldstein

Technical Account Manager

Jonas Lind

Technical Account Manager

Yael Schuster

Account Manager

Musarrat Bano

Account Manager

Amanda Sabino

Account Manager

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