AY Prebid Server

AI-Powered Revenue Maximization

Yield Manager server-side header bidding offers unbiased demand sources, effortless integration, direct payments and AI-powered solutions for real-time price and bid requests optimization. Join us for cutting-edge technology to maximize your revenue potential and stay ahead of industry trends.

AI-powered Server-side header bidding

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Unique Features

For transparency and unprecedented revenue.

AI Traffic Shaping for Publishers

Maximize ad fill rates and CPMs, reduce SSP throttling, lower carbon emissions, improve SSP relationships, and enhance revenue by up to 10% with AY's real-time user profiling and efficient demand paths.


AI Dynamic Flooring

Optimize first-price auctions across platforms with transparency and superior results, unrivaled by GAM and UPRs. Shield inventory from low-quality ads, operational inefficiencies, and declining CPMs.

Identity Solutions Integration

Identity Solutions Integration

Maximize performance on cookieless traffic with integrated Identity solutions, delivering over 15% uplift on iOS CPMs. Expect similar benefits on Chrome, supplemented by the Topics API. Embrace cookie-free innovations.


Access Advanced Yield Optimization Features

Powered by ML, unlock the hidden potential in your inventory by optimizing placements, targeting, price floors, devices, browsers, and more.

AI Prebid Server
Higher CPMs & Revenue

Higher CPMs & Revenue

Boost CPMs & Revenue with AY's granular data and AI floor prices per auction. Bid in real-time from multiple partners to increase auction pressure and maximize your revenue potential.

Why Choose AY Prebid Server?

Unbiased Demand Sources

AY Prebid Server ensures a fair and unbiased auction environment, free from backroom deals or demand referrals. This allows you to choose partners freely and add any or all bidders, maximizing your revenue potential.

Seamless Integration

Our streamlined script ensures quick deployment with minimal technical hurdles. Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge technology to optimize efficiency and drive more revenue. Plus, you can try it for free!

AI Revenue Maximization

Leverage the power of AI and machine learning to optimize price floors in real-time, efficiently shape your traffic, and maximize your revenue potential. AY Prebid Server empowers you with the most advanced solutions in the industry.

Maximize Your Ad Revenue with AY Prebid Server!

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about AY Server-Side Header Bidding Solution

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What is AY Prebid Server?

It's a server-side header bidding solution powered with AI Dynamic Flooring, AI Traffic Shaping, Integrated ID Solutions.

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What is a server-side header bidding solution?

Server-side header bidding is an advanced programmatic advertising technique where ad auctions occur on the server instead of the user's browser. This method enhances page load speed and user experience by reducing the burden on the client-side.

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What are the Benefits of a Server-Side Header Bidding?

  • Improved Page Load Speed: Reduces load on the user’s browser.
  • Increased Revenue: Access to more demand partners can drive higher competition and revenue.
  • Better User Experience: Faster page loads lead to lower bounce rates and higher engagement.
  • Reduced Latency: Minimizes delays associated with multiple browser-side ad requests.

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How Easy is it to Integrate AY Prebid Server?

AY Prebid Server offers a streamlined script for quick deployment [copy and paste script on your website page], minimizing technical hurdles. This efficient integration process allows you to effortlessly incorporate not only a Server-Side Prebid, but also several cutting-edge technologies, optimizing your ad operations and driving success with minimal setup time. Try it for free and experience the ease of implementation and expert customer support service!

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