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Optimize Your Monetization Strategy with AY Industry Insights

To thrive in the advertising ecosystem, it's crucial to be data-driven as it is to keep up with market trends. By delving into existing best practices, emerging trends, profitable partnerships, and high-performing ad formats, you can boost your revenue beyond the market norms and hack new revenue streams.

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Explore AY Industry Insights

AY Industry Insights monitors a staggering volume of over 200Bn impressions each month from publishers and SSPs, including a wide spectrum of more than 250 bidders, and more than 150 trillion data points. 

With analysis of this vast amount of data, the AY Global Ad Revenue Index offers hidden gems and actionable revenue growth hacks.

By comparing your performance with industry practices, you can get valuable insights to maximize your revenue and improve your monetization strategy with the optimal ad stack, by country, device, and more.

a detailed table of your data in real-time

The AY Industry Insights allows you to monitor and compare bidder activity by Winning Bidder (SSPs and Ad networks), Normalized Win Rate (win rate normalized by the amount of competition it had), Relative Revenue (revenue from a bidder, relative to the total prebid revenue), and Presence (average number of sites working with a category). 

It ensures your programmatic revenue and CPMs are growing at the same pace as the market with super-advanced filters to include or exclude a specific media type, ad size, browser, device, country, or winning bidder.

Easy-to-use UI available to you with highly customizable dashboards; with additional filters to choose charts, show in percentages or numerical values with the option to export.

Furthermore, you can analyze data from various time zones, view detailed Bar, Line, and/or Overall graphs. This provides a comprehensive global market overview to identify top-performing advertisers generating more sales leads or underperforming ones to optimize.

Bar charts showing industry bidders data in July

AY Global Ad Revenue Index

Use the Ad revenue index data to find new trends on display or video, per GEO and OS. Strategically explore your relationships with programmatic buyers and brands. You can customize your dashboard with filters such as Media type, size, device, country, browser, and referrer type to reveal more data.

Gragph showing the global ad revenue index

How to Leverage AY Industry Insights 

Effortlessly analyze on-screen or export a comprehensive report with all players as well as aggregate additional data in order to:

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