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Assertive Yield New Product Updates - H1 2023!

Advanced Yield Manager, Dynamic Flooring 2.0, Web Analytics, Financial Reports and SSP Discrepancies Monitoring, Accurate Error Reporting & Alerts, and so much more!

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Katia Moura Rodrigues

We are continuously working on and rolling out new products, insightful features, unique metrics, dashboards, alerts, and integrations. Have you had a chance to catch up with all the amazing updates we've rolled out?

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Top 10 AY Product Updates: 

 1. Yield Manager: Much more than a powerful wrapper, much more than a full autonomy A/B/n testing tool in real-time. Discover more or regret later.

2. AY Dynamic Flooring V2: An even higher-performance version is available! 

3. AY Web Analytics: Track bounce rates, active engagement, scroll depth, and more. 

4. AY SSPs Connections: Financial Report & SSP Discrepancy Monitoring available now!

5. Enhanced Ad Quality & Security: Protect your users from malicious Ads with Confiant!

6. Highly Accurate AY Real-Time Alerts: Real-time statistical significance calculations are now available! It takes the deviation within the data into account. 

7. Error Reporting & Alerts: Identify errors with your monetization in real-time -> Prebid, GPT.js, and more...

8. AdSense Direct Integrations: Directly connect your Google AdSense account with Assertive Yield!

9. TikTok Spend Data: Match TikTok spend & revenue data at campaign level in AY Traffic Acquisition

10. Taboola and Outbrain Revenue in Real-Time: Analyze revenue from widgets on Taboola and Outbrain within minutes on log-level accuracy!

 Discover more details right below. 

a word cloud of publisher solutions inside Assertive Yield prebid wrapper

Yield Manager: Unleash your team's power!

All-(and much more)-in-One Solution

Yield Manager is celebrating 1 year old! And getting much more powerful every quarter! Have you already upgraded your workflow?

  • Integrate new vendors: in just 1 day
  • A/B/n test your ad stack, layouts, formats, placement: within 1 hour
  • Scale dev resources: custom codes library
  • Give full autonomy to your Programmatic, AdOps/RevOps, BI, Product, and Editorial teams for lightning-fast multivariate A/B/n testing with real-time results
  • Compare versions performance, change logs & revert best version
  • Holistic analysis of results automatically: revenue, user experience, retention, SEO, page performance, and more...

It's time to say goodbye to multiple tools for data consolidation and normalization: Web Analytics, Tag Manager, IVT, Ad Refresh, and more... Don't get bogged down with 11 tools management - they won't rev up your performance beyond average.

Now you just need one:
Yield Manager: all-(and much more)-in-one solution to supercharge your revenue!

  • Real-time Sophisticated AI - Powered Revenue Management System 
  • Business Intelligence Analytics powered by Yield Intelligence solution
  • Granular Revenue Attribution
  • Highly accurate real-time alerting
  • Ad Experience Personalization
  • Bid Req. Optimization

It combines cutting-edge technology and a highly configurable interface. Yield Manager isn't just a wrapper, it's the ultimate game-changer for publishers (Yes, we're being a tad boastful, but hey, honesty is our jam!)

Even with sophisticated solutions in place, our clients (and ourselves) are seeing their revenue skyrocket from +20% to +60%!!! After 2 months testing Yield Manager! We went head-to-head with major publishers in 40+ matchups, and... – Yield Manager triumphed, in +80% of the benchmarks it outperformed the existing sophisticated setup by +20% in Revenue per Visit.

See for yourself! Watch Yield Manager demo video

Dynamic Flooring Version 2  

Let the AI do its thing

This year we’ve released an upgraded, more sophisticated version of our Dynamic Flooring product. We’ve been able to prove its efficiency across multiple existing and new clients, showing a good uplift in programmatic revenue across different verticals.

 With separate floors for Prebid, Amazon, Google AdX, and Open Bidding, we are using a number of complex machine learning models to set the floor for each individual user and each action on the page.  

Dynamic Flooring V2 uses predictions based on dozens of data points to pass a floor to Prebid, Amazon and GAM UPRs. This technique proves to be a highly successful move from constantly monitoring and updating manual UPRs to a dynamically adjusted algorithm, which trains itself every hour. 

 Dynamic Flooring V2 is offered to publishers on a revenue share basis, based on the uplift it generates, so it’s a risk-free solution to squeeze extra revenue from your Ad stack and let your team focus on more important tasks. 

**Explore Dynamic Flooring Version 2 Now - **Personalized ML models for user & action floor setting

a pie inside the AY suite showing the dynamic flooring table with data

Introducing AY Web Analytics – YaY!

Your wish is our command!

Based on popular demand and GA Universal shutting down, we launched AY Web Analytics, which combines page and session-level data. Publishers can now track Bounce Rates, Active Engagement, Scroll depth, and more.

The tool also features previously available metrics, such as Unique Sessions, New Sessions, Page Views, PPS, Ads per Page View, Ads per Session, and Core-Web-Vitals. In addition, we are now also reporting on Page Views without ads.

It also brings information about error rates, as mentioned below.


This can be easily activated -> Check documentation "Tracker settings" Or schedule a call with our Customer Success.

Get Started with AY Web Analytics Now

Finance Reporting & SSPs Discrepancy Monitoring

Accuracy and transparency on a whole new level!

"AY SSPs Connections" is your Financial Reporting and SSP Discrepancy Monitoring feature, available on your AY platform in the left side menu. It provides accurate data matching between SSPs revenue, as seen in their dashboards, and revenue data from your Yield Intelligence.  

 This insightful feature addresses common challenges like monitoring implementation changes, simplifying end-of-month reconciliations, and maintaining accurate bid adjustments in Prebid.

 It gives publishers an early alerting system that protects their inventory from revenue losses, which can be caused by a variety of reasons, including implementation issues, IVT deductions, a service downtime, or any other reason. 

 It's an easy way to do end-of-month reconciliations! Apply bid adjustments in Prebid for SSPs with predictable discrepancy and earn let other bidders win the auction with a lower bit, but also - lower discrepancy.  It also saves you time as you don’t have to log in to multiple different dashboards!

 *This product is in early development phase [alpha status] and available for testing. We already received several of amazing feedbacks. Let us know your thoughts!

**Check Your Finance and SSP Discrepancy Reports Now - **Simplified end-of-month reconciliations, accurate bid adjustments in Prebid management and implementation changes monitoring.

Enhanced Ad Quality & Security

Ensure a Great User Experience

Are you worried about serving malicious ads to your users? Our new, improved Ad Quality and Security feature, powered by Confiant, now allows you to add a filtering layer and avoid serving ads with forced redirects, pop-ups, crypto miners, and more to your users.

You can sign up for Confiant solution directly on your AY platform.

Implement it easily and only pay for usage through AY's volume deal and Yes, it's pay as you use! 

Everybody wants to improve the user experience and protect visitors from malicious ads or limit certain advertisers, right? Now you can ensure your Ad Quality and Security from all your revenue channels with a little extra skin in the game.

Try it out! Add Confiant to Your AY Account Now

AY Real-time Alerts with Advanced Intelligence

Stay Alert and Worry-Free!

Alerts are now more accurate than ever. We've greatly enhanced the accuracy of our alerts by incorporating real-time statistical significance calculations.

 Previously, the volume of data required to trigger an alert was determined by historic trends and Assertive Yield wide data. This approach was applied uniformly across all alerts and would only differ based on the metric.

 With the new update, alert thresholds are now dynamic and specifically tailored to each individual alert, taking into account its real-time behavior and unique data set. Consequently, the data volume needed to trigger the same alert could vary for two different entities, based on the magnitude of deviation in their respective data.

 In essence, our alert system is now more sensitive and responsive to real-time changes, improving its precision and reducing the likelihood of false positives.

**Explore more AY Alerts Templates! - **Over 10 Tailored Alert Templates to Optimize Your Revenue Potential

Error Reporting & Alerts

Efficient One-Step Troubleshooting -

We are introducing our latest addition to your alerts: Error Reporting & Alerts! 
Error Analytics was added to swiftly identify errors happening in the browser, including Prebid, GPT, and much more.

 This feature aims to help you catch and analyze issues instantly, identify hidden errors from Prebid, GPT, and more, and their revenue impact on the session level.

 You can also explore and analyze errors in different ways:

  • Number of times the error has occurred and the percentage of sessions affected.
  • A detailed log of when and where each error happened or is happening.
  • Cumulative data showing by device, browser, OS, and other dimensions.

**Get back on track now with AY Error Reporting & Alerts! - **Efficient Troubleshooting with Fast Track Solutions

AdSense Direct Integration 

Always Adapting

Previously we were tracking non-GAM AdSense integrations through Google Universal Analytics. As this is no longer an option, we now have a replacement ready that works directly by connecting your Google AdSense account with Assertive Yield. 

 For all the cases where you prefer to serve an AdSense ad, instead of your regular ad stack - we’ve got you covered. The integration automatically picks up on ads served on the page and then matches the data directly with the API data of AdSense. 

TikTok Spend Data 

Following the Trend

We are glad to announce that due to popular demand, we’ve added one more integration to Traffic Acquisition. Publishers buying traffic from TikTok are now able to match the spend and revenue data on the campaign level. Other metrics include return on investment, click-to-session ratio, CPC, session RPM, etc. 

Gain invaluable insights into the Q2 market overview from Nils Lind's worldwide field visits and conversations with 100+ publishers across six countries and three continents.

To explore more, download Q2'23 AY Industry Insights Report Yield Management in Programmatic!

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