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Our diverse experience with sell-side players is due to our extensive customer base over the years. Be prepared to “re-write your playbooks”, and forget the game as you know it.

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Data-driven Publishers and SSPs area maximizing revenue by using a single platform to collect, analyze, and optimize their operations.

The Power of Yield Intelligence

Data is Power

Data-driven teams use Yield Intelligence, as their Single Source of Truth, to keep track of all revenue streams, perform deep analysis in real-time with accurate revenue predictions. Yield Optimizer automates Dynamic Flooring with the power of machine learning, preventing Bid Shading. As well, the Bid Request Optimization, as a Green Media Solution that reduces digital waste while increasing domain reputation.

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The Power of Yield Intelligence

Single Source of Truth

Vital to manage all your revenue data in one place in real-time across hundreds of dimensions and metrics extended with your custom data segments and audiences. Surreal Granular Data across all Dimensions with uncountable Metrics

The Power of Yield Intelligence

Revenue Attribution

Deep layers of revenue attribution in PageView and content level. Revenue Forecast Predictions with 96% accuracy and automated discrepancy handling. Increase your profits by analyzing unrevealed data, optimizing, testing, monitoring performance and preventing troubleshooting all with real-time data.

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A Transparent and Fair Game to Publishers

The Power of Yield Intelligence

Dynamic Flooring

Frequent and fully automate revenue optimization with the power of AY Machine Learning, set in-depth intelligent floors - on impression level - adapted to market trends and measure results in real-time across countries, devices and revenue streams - PreBid, GAM, Amazon. Using CPM information from the user, it take visit depth/time and time of a day into account.

Advanced Yield Optimization

Intelligent Bid Reduction

Increase win rate with individual SSPs by employing user data in real-time . Stay safe from Bid Shading and send queries only when there is a chance to get a response. Drop requests sent on client level and improve your position with SSPs, without losing on revenue.

Maximize Revenue, Increase Efficiency,Predict Changes: All in real-time

Forget limited and long running A/B testing
Test scenario without involving development teams

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Prompt Yield Manager

Reliable A/B Testing

Cut weeks worth of exhausting work into minutes by allowing any team member to propose & preview changes, take accountability, revisions and roll deployments with low code A/B Testing. Speed up and improve workflows from no code on the page, preview mode, detailed change management, version history, and review processes.

Prompt Yield Manager

Bid Pooling

With Bid Pooling we can combine bids from several auctions and distribute the best ones to each ad unit. If you have several ad units with almost identical performance, creative size and demand on the page, why would you throw away all the good bids that came as second in an individual auction?

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Prompt Yield Manager

Bid Caching

Keep the best value for the same ad unit, across different pages. With Bid Caching, you can transfer your high bids onto the next page and increase your overall Session RPM.

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