Empowering Teams to Increase Productivity with Smart AI Solutions

AY provides a one stop solution for AdOperations Audience Development, Product and Content & Editorial teams to make wise decisions on the basis of real-time optimized and programmatic data. Every team will now get the freedom to smoothen their workflow without waiting for approvals or change requests that require involving development or other technical teams

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AY helps you solve performance challenges with unique Traffic Shaping & Traffic Acquisition solutions

How can you define the worth of a customer in terms of revenue earning?
What is the ratio of your new customers to returning customers?
How can session depth define your overall performance?

Enabling teams to make independent decisions with more efficiency

Make smarter choices with reliable data from AY

AY is helping audience development teams to overcome the challenges of relying on 3rd party data by operating trustworthy data collection and also finding troubleshooting solutions, all in real time!

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AY’s machine learning solutions for optimal user experience

With the help of high level Yield Intelligence, Audience development teams can get easy to access, quick, real-time data with a single source of truth tracking.

Multiple integrations available with revenue forecast prediction with up to 98% accuracy

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Our mission is to make every team successful in their goals to increase revenue

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