Data playing a complete new role in your business

Unlimited cross-analysis of multiple dimensions and metrics

Revenue collected from multiple sources? Traffic information with custom dimensions? Spend data with ROI? Monitoring IVT, 2 click penalty and Core Web Vitals? Analyze them all in one place, or divided in dashboards.

No credit card required

How we change the game

ALL YOUR REVENUE DATA in one place in real-time across hundreds of dimensions and metrics extended with your custom data segments and audiences

Old Game

Different sources, metrics, dashboards

Resource-consuming & old data dashboard

Accounts management nightmare

New Game

Everything you need in one place

Holistic Dashboard in real time

Access management users or client

Viewability, exposure, user sessions, and page views are the old game metrics. Now you can have access to massive granular data, unlimited metrics across more than 100 dimensions.

Unique Data for every unique team!

Explore in depth the numerous data points available in Yield Intelligence Analytics. Create separate dashboards, with numerous charts, filters and metrics. Share them with the team or clients and save time on pulling numerous data sources and visualizing them each time.

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5 Chart Types

Unlimitted Dashboards

Choose a chart type and create your own dash by selecting data among any dimension, metric, such as: Impressions, Revenue, Prebid, ROI and Prebid Heatmapmap

Across dimensions and metrics

Highly Customizable Dashboards

Unlimited dashboards for you to analyze 300+ dimensions and metrics in different time zones, all in one place combining all your revenue streams. Add bar or lines graphics, maps, tables, notes, websites urls or images to aggregate even more visual data to your dashboard.

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Boards with Custom Dimensions

Monetization Next Gen

Pre-defined templates for you to analyze ROI, Revenue, Impressions, PreBid and PreBid Heatmap Overviews and more consolidating all your revenue streams and bringing the most relevant data to your attention in real-time.

SHAring and reporting

Boards Management

Invite your clients and teams, define roles and manage access. Lock dashboards and enable only visualization or allow editing.

Share and showcase your revenue increase results in real-time!

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We aim to provide high quality data

And all this in a matter of minutes. Bypass time-consuming complex technical tasks in order to provide the data required for successful monetization.

On top of that you will get enormous Granular Data as you have never seen before.

Slice & Dice Data Cube

AY platform assists with granular data analysis by allowing you to slice and dice cube datasets through multidimensional overview, metrics, and filters.


Analyze, Cross- reference & execute decisions in minutes with real-time data. Discover how Assertive Monitoring and Alerts can help you stay on-top of the game.

All Revenue Sources in Real-Time

Unparallel solution to data collection, cleaning and consolidation. All players that are data-driven are changing the game with us.

Industry Insights

Harness the power of market intelligence to identify demands and sales opportunities

AY was built for all teams across your organization

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

By Company Type

Publishers, SSPs, Media Buyers, Networks, Consultants: Diverse solutions to help your business to detect monitization opportunities and increase revenue

PublishersSupply Side Platforms (SSPs)
By Team

For Product Team, AdOperations & Programmatic, Audience Development, Content & Editorial, Sales, Media Buying, Finance & Management and Developers

AdOps/ProgrammaticAudience Development

Stay Tuned

The latest industry news, interviews, technologies, and resources.

Google Has Added Confirmed Click To Some Of Your Ads: What You Need To Know

The confirmed click penalty, which is also known as 2 click penalty, and “visit site overlay” is no longer shadow penalty and is being officially warned about by Google. This technical gimmick that lets Alphabet protect its advertisers from paying for bad clicks, has been around for quite some time. Still, it was never really acknowledged officially by Google, even though it might have quite an impact on the revenue coming from Google AdX.

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