Bid Request Optimization

Bid Request Optimization

Bid Request Optimization

Bid request optimization is filtering out bid requests and sizes which have no value to the given exchange and DSPs for the particular impression, resulting in them seeing higher quality inventory, running more auctions, sending more bids, increasing the auction pressure, and with that revenue.


  1. Prebid
  2. Preiid Server
  3. S2S RTB Integrations


  1. one week of data
  2. enabled server-side (please request)

Loading Order

Floors need to be set before the auction is initialized. For this to work the order of loading scripts is important and needs to be:

  1. AY Floor Prediction Model
  2. AY Client
  3. Prebid

The scripts can be loaded async. If they are not available in time bid req. reduction will be skipped for the first pageview/auction. On following pageviews and auctions the files are available right away due to the browser cache.

Prebid Setup

To enable the predictions, set assertive.reduction.enabled option to true and the assertive.reduction.limit.percentage according to your traffic (please consult).

You may also want to configure a filter for A/B testing. Please reach out so we can set this up in consultation for good results.

We highly recommend an initial dry run with reduction.limit.precentage of 0.0 to check the results before turning it on.

window.assertive.reduction = {
    enabled: true,
    entityId: "...", // defaults to assertive.entityId
    limit: {
        slotIds: ["...", "..."], // Whitelist of slotIds to enabled reduction on (default all)
        percentage: 0.9, // Run on 90% of the users (default 98%)
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