Miss-Click Tracking and Alerting Implementation Instructions

Miss-Click Tracking & Alerting

Miss-Click Tracking and Alerting Implementation Instructions

1. Account Setup

  1. Please create an account at https://suite.assertiveyield.com/signup or log into your existing one.
  2. Create a Publisher (O&O) and an Entity (site name) on the Welcome page. - An onboarding questionnaire will pop-up, you can skip through it.
  3. Note down the entityId, which is displayed in the table on the Welcome page.

2. Tracking Integration

  1. Copy or load the client from https://<your assertive entity id here>.ay.delivery/client-v1.js
  2. Implement the client in a way where it is loaded before the first onSlotRenderEnded event is fired (before ad rendering starts).
  3. Set the assertive_entityId to the one from Step 1. (see here for an example config https://gist.github.com/Slind14/79d706178fb3e4eb8b20359d816f0d76)
  4. Set the assertive_sampleRate to a value that results in around 100 million impressions per month. (This gives a good measure for Miss-Click tracking)
  5. Set some custom values if you have any first-party data that is relevant to miss clicks.

3. Integration Verification

  1. Head over to the Overview page and see if data is coming in, in the small graphs at the top.
  2. OR head over to any report and select Last 30 Minutes by Minute.
  3. You can report on the Miss-Click Rate by enabling it under Metrics.

4. Alert Configuration

  1. Head to the Alerts -> Settings in the navigation on the left.
  2. Create a new Notification Group on the right.
  3. Create a new Alert with:
    1. Fill in Name & Description
    2. Set the Target Type to Entity and select the created entity on the right.
    3. Set the Type to Yield and Metric to Miss-Click Rate
    4. Select Dimensions to break it out against e.g. Ad Unit + Domain + Device Type
    5. Create a new Trigger e.g. above - 0.5 - warning and above - 0.7 - critical
      1. info -> dashboard only
      2. warning -> summary every 6 hours
      3. critical -> real-time notification
    6. Apply a Filter to exclude desktop and more if needed
    7. Set the previously created Notification Group
    8. Add Alert
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