Revenue Prediction Setup

Revenue Prediction

Revenue Prediction Setup

This allows you to fire your own logic e.g. pixel events based on high accurate revenue predictions and top n session percentages.


  1. one week of data
  2. enabled server-side (please request)


To enable the predictions, set assertive.predict.enabled option to true.

window.assertive.predict = {
    enabled: true,

To access the revenue prediction, attach to the assertive_predictedRevenue event and check the events data object for impression, pageView and session revenue predictions. Note: predictions are in CPM

    function (e) {

The object returned on every tracked revenue event:

    predictedRevenueCPM: {
        impression: 0.29518782454658005,
        pageView: 0.75443967454658,
        session: 3.82856877149944,
    topNPercent: {
        session: 77,

Prediction Performance Evaluation

Prediction performance should be judged according to the R-Squared (R2) metric. Other metrics of error (KMAE, KRMSE) are only useful to compare results across the same entity.


  • R2 is a value between -∞ and 1.
  • If R2 is smaller than 0, results are worse than using the average as the prediction.
  • If R2 is bigger than 0, results are better than using the average as the prediction.
  • If R2 is around 0.25, results are weak.
  • If R2 is around 0.5, results are moderate.
  • If R2 is around 0.75, results are substantial.

This is not a rule of thumb. You might get useful results even with "weak" R2s.

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