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Our customer success and services goes beyond traditional support. We ensure continuous improvements throughout your journey. Empowering you to drive innovation with our platform, we take an open and collaborative approach.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At Assertive Yield, we are committed to provide you with an exceptional support to ensure a seamless experience with all of our products. We understand the relevance of timely and reliable support when you need it the most. That is why we offer different levels of support from self-serve to enterprise grade. Talk to us and learn more.

Issue Reporting and Inquiries

We strive to provide you with seamless and efficient channels for reporting issues and making inquiries. We know the relevance of timely resolution and effective communication when you encounter issues or have questions regarding our products. Depending on the SLA agreement, self-serve or enterprise, we offer a range of convenient communication channels to streamline the process: slack, emails and online chat.

Revenue Operations

Our Revenue Operations service is committed to streamlining your business operations through the utilization of our advanced AY platform. With a team of knowledgeable experts, we offer valuable insights, guidance, and support to ensure you make the most of all of the AY-mazing features. Experience enhanced revenue generation as you optimize your processes and extract the full potential of your products.

Performance Review

A monthly performance review is available for the enterprise partners. Our team of experts will provide you with insights, guidance of improvements by reviewing the overall performance. This is an opportunity to understand your key results, create an action plan and continuously improve your strategy. During this process, AY experts will thoroughly assess your system to provide valuable insights and recommendations.

AdStack360° Scan

Ensure your ad stack is performing at its best. AY offers a complete assessment and evaluation of your adstack, identifying setup improvements, suggesting enhancements, and sharing technical guidance for boosting your adstack and product performance. Whether you need to ensure your entire ad stack setup is fully optimized or you're seeking to refine a component or update a version, our expertise ensures optimal results and efficiency gains.


Your data's security and confidentiality are our top priorities. Your data is securely stored across servers located in three countries, providing excellent redundancy. Furthermore, our data processing methods are privacy optimized to GDPR regulations, guaranteeing data privacy is optimally protected.

Roadmap and Upgrade

We prioritize understanding and addressing the needs of our partners. The roadmap for new features and improvements is directly influenced by the feedback and requirements of our partners. We ensure transparency by sharing upcoming features, keeping you informed of new releases and supporting you in seamless upgrades and implementations.

Bug Fixes

We understand the critical importance of maintaining a reliable and high-performing platform. We are dedicated to deliver a real-time experience and ensuring that your operations run smoothly without any disruptions. With a team of over 15 skilled software engineers, we swiftly address bugs and issues, ensuring prompt resolution and minimizing disruptions for our partners.

Product Development

Through customer-centric product development approach, we strive for your monetization excellence and constantly push the boundaries to provide you with the best-in-class platform. Our team of engineers, sales, product marketers and customer success consultants are dedicated to listen to your challenges and deliver cutting-edge solutions that empower publishers in maximizing revenue.

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