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Boost Your Monetization Strategy with AY Benchmark Index

Boost your performance beyond market norms by delving into existing best practices, emerging trends, lucrative partnerships, and popular ad formats and placements. Unearth fresh revenue streams, like sought-after ad sizes, to devise your optimal pricing strategy while engaging your audience compellingly.

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Be data-driven, be competitive and be a winner

Examine market revenue across any specific month, quarter, year, or custom range, delving into bidder, creative size, country, device, and browser correlations. Effortlessly analyze on-screen or export a comprehensive report to suit your needs.

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Compare Your Performance

Gain Bidder Intelligence

Choose your team with confidence. Monitor and compare bidder activity by winning bidder, win rate, revenue, and presence. Make sure that your programmatic revenue and CPM are growing at the same pace as the market Super advanced filters to include or exclude a specific media type, ad size, browser, device, country or winning bidder.

Across time zones

Find Worldwide Opportunities

Analyze data from different time zones is possible with AY Industry Insights. Access our granular worldwide market data overview to identify top advertisers that generate more sales leads or underperforming ones.

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better global outcomes

Focus your Time & Efforts

Use AY Benchmark Index data to find new trends on display or video, in the US or Europe, iOS or Android – pull the data that’s relevant to your strategy. Strategically explore your relationships with programmatic buyers and brands.

Unleash strategies to outpace market trends in programmatic revenue and CPM growth.


We aim to provide high quality data

Achieve this feat in mere minutes, effortlessly circumventing intricate technical tasks to furnish the crucial data for triumphant monetization.

In addition, revel in the unprecedented scope of granular data presented like never before.

Slice & Dice the Data Cube

Overcome analytics limits: slice, and dice your data as needed to answer the widest variety of questions that are relevant to you. Segment your data by defining complex filtering logics across several dimensions and metrics.

Not Just Dashboards

With all your data in one view you get more than just dashboards, you get game changing insights. keep an eye on your revenue & performance: Core Web Vitals crossed with ROI crossed with IVT? Yes, you can see it.

All Revenue, All in Real-Time

Your ultimate solution for data collection, cleaning, and consolidation. Analyze header bidding, banners, videos, affiliate and native micro-transactions using first-party data in real-time.

Real-Time Monitoring Alerts

Monitor and act instantly on issues by creating unlimited triggers across dimensions and metrics. Define ranges, choose between the 3 severity levels and be notified in real-time when anomalies happens.

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