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Boost Your Monetization Strategy with AY Benchmark Index

Elevate your performance beyond market standards by scrutinizing prevailing best practices, trends, fruitful partnerships, trending ad formats, and placements. Uncover new revenue streams, such as high-demand ad sizes, to establish your ideal pricing strategy while captivating your audience.

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AY Industry Insights

Anonymized AY network data to better analyze market trends and maintain a competitive advantage.

Old Game

Lack of market data

Blind testing new prebid bidders

Risk to invest in unknown markets

New Game

Data-driven monetization strategy

Granular bidder performance overview

Identify risks and opportunities

Be data-driven, be competitive and be a winner

Examine market revenue across any specific month, quarter, year, or custom range, delving into bidder, creative size, country, device, and browser correlations. Effortlessly analyze on-screen or export a comprehensive report to suit your needs.

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Compare Your Performance

Gain Bidder Intelligence

Choose your team with confidence. Monitor and compare bidders activity by: winning bidder, win rate, revenue and presence. Make sure that your programmatic revenue and CPM are growing at the same pace as the market Super advanced filters to include or exclude a specific media type, ad size, browser, device, country or winning bidder.

Across time zones

Find Worldwide Opportunities

Analyze data from different time zones is possible with AY Industry Insights. Access our granular worldwide market data overview to identify top advertisers that generates more sales leads or underperforming ones.

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better global outcomes

Focus your Time & Efforts

Use AY Benchmark Index data to find new trends on display or video, in the US or Europe, iOS or Android - pull the data that’s relevant to your strategy. Strategically explore your relationships with programmatic buyers and brands.

Unleash strategies to outpace market trends in programmatic revenue and CPM growth.


We aim to provide high quality data

Achieve this feat in mere minutes, effortlessly circumventing intricate technical tasks to furnish the crucial data for triumphant monetization.

In addition, revel in the unprecedented scope of granular data presented like never before.

Slice & Dice Data Cube

The Assertive Yield platform streamlines granular data analysis, empowering you to deftly dissect cube datasets with a multidimensional perspective, employing precision metrics and filters for enhanced insights.


Consolidating revenue from diverse sources? Evaluating spend data with ROI? Tracking IVT, 2-click penalty, and Core Web Vitals? Examine them holistically in one location or disperse them across tailored dashboards for targeted insights.

All Revenue Sources in Real-Time

Unparallel solution to data collection, cleaning and consolidation. All players that are data-driven are changing the game with us.


Analyze, Cross- reference & execute decisions in minutes with real-time data. Discover how Assertive Monitoring and Alerts can help you stay on-top of the game.

AY was built for all teams across your organization

Experience powerful, self-driven product and growth analytics designed to captivate, immerse, and sustain user engagement, fueling your success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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