Catch issues before they impact revenue
  • in real-time
  • across hundreds of dimensions and metrics
  • custom-tailored to your needs
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CTR below 0.2%

just now

On device: desktop
Advertiser: Toyota
Viewability below 40%

1 hour ago

On device: mobile
Advertiser: Fiat
Timeout rate increased by 10%

7 hours ago

On device: desktop
Advertiser: Ford
CTR above 2%

9 days ago

On device: mobile
Advertiser: GM
CTR below 0.2%

11 days ago

On device: desktop
Advertiser: BMW
ROI below 110%

just now

On device: mobile
UTM Source: Facebook
UTM Campaign: US - 10 most expensive cars
ROI above 150%

just now

On device: desktop
UTM Source: Snapchat
UTM Campaign: US - top 10 nfl failures

Monitor and fix issues in real-time before they impact revenue

Receive alerts in real-time, with all the details you need, to fix issues faster. With just one click you can see where the issue occurred precisely, when it started and when it is fixed or reoccurring and how much supply is impacted. Use the deep visibility to monitor, prioritize, investigate, and triage issues swiftly.

Waste no time with noise filtering

Focus on what matters with severity levels, issue occurrences as well as the size of the impacted inventory.

Monitor what matters, to YOU

Customize alerts to your needs with extensive alert options like KPIs, unlimited dimensions, multiple triggers, filters of any kind, and severity levels.

Exactly what you need

Monitor your yield in real-time and make sure you never lose money


Alerts trigger within seconds, allowing you to act before any damage is caused.

Multiple Dimensions

Trigger alerts on any combination of dimensions, e.g. Device, Country, Browser + Exchange or Campaign

Notification Groups

Configure notification groups for specific departments with email and slack destinations.

Advanced Filters

Apply any kind of filtering (include, exclude, starts/ends with, contains, regex) across all dimensions.

Affected Inventory & (Re-)Occurrences

See how much and which part of your inventory is affected and if the issue is new, reoccurring, or ongoing.

Severity Levels

Set multiple triggers with different severity levels and notification rules e.g. instantly, daily summary, UI only.

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