Real-Time Alerts

Monitor & timely fix issues before they impact revenue

Analyze, cross-reference & execute decisions in minutes with real-time data. Stop losing revenue due to delayed notice of damage.

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Say Hello to RTD Performance Monitoring

Dealing with traffic spikes, low CPMs caused by AdX double-click penalties, buggy websites, and revenue losses can all be mitigated with our traffic monitoring and customizable alerts that allows you to react swiftly

Confirmed-Click penalty & more

Real-Time Notification

You choose what, how, where, ranges, and teams to receive real-time alerts. Whenever there's a traffic spike on paid traffic, when a session RPM decreases, or even when a specific bidder is underperforming, set alerts for double clicks and fix them quickly before getting confirmed-click penalties. IVT % is rising, or are Core Web Vitals doing poorly? Don't let it impact your revenue, act in real-time.

Confirmed-Click penalty real-time notification
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Set KPIs Discrepancy Range

Monitor how products perform in the market by configuring KPI % ranges and getting notifications according to selected severity degree and frequency. Be aware in real-time when and where there's a discrepancy, like a decrease in a CTR of a specific category.


3-Step Severity Level Notification

You can easily customize your alerts to detect timely critical issues in order of severity before it causes any damage, allowing you to monitor and troubleshoot your stack with pinpoint accuracy and speed.

Choose from Info, Warning, and Critical to set up valid Email and Slack notifications.

track partners, formats, placements & more

Cross Filters Alerts

A highly customized alert system that spans hundreds of dimensions and metrics in real-time lets you immediately discover bugs to prevent inventory data loss and develop new insights based on data acquired on demand or recombined according to your specifications.

Trigger alerts on any combination of dimensions, e.g., Device, Country, Browser + Exchange or Campaign

Can't find exactly what you're looking for? Please don't hesitate to inquire; we may already be crafting the necessary solution!


We Aim to Provide High Quality Data

And all this in a matter of minutes. Bypass time-consuming, complex technical tasks to provide the data required for successful monetization.

Moreover, you will get enormous Granular Data like you have never seen before.

Slice & Dice the Data Cube

Overcome analytics limits: slice, and dice your data as needed to answer the widest variety of questions that are relevant to you. Segment your data by defining complex filtering logics across several dimensions and metrics.

Not Just Dashboards

With all your data in one view you get more than just dashboards, you get game changing insights. keep an eye on your revenue & performance: Core Web Vitals crossed with ROI crossed with IVT? Yes, you can see it.

All Revenue, All in Real-Time

Your ultimate solution for data collection, cleaning, and consolidation. Analyze header bidding, banners, videos, affiliate and native micro-transactions using first-party data in real-time.

Industry Insights

Leverage your strategy with AY Programmatic Index, compare demand spendings, CPM, media type, device, creative size and benchmark best practices to ensure growth above the market.

AY was built for all teams across your organization

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users.

By Company Type

Publishers, SSPs, Media Buyers, Networks, Consultants: Diverse solutions to help your business to detect monetization opportunities and increase revenue

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For Product Team, AdOperations & Programmatic, Audience Development, Content & Editorial, Sales, Media Buying, Finance & Management, and Developers

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The latest industry news, interviews, technologies, and resources.

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