How Connatix Improved Bid Rates with 40%+ QPS Reduction

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Connatix is a video technology company for publishers and advertisers. Their tech stack helps publishers create, deliver and monetize streaming video, and they provide premium video inventory and contextual targeting solutions for advertisers. For over a decade, they've been a key player in the online video advertising space. In a conversation with Jesse Fisher, the Head of Advertising Products at Connatix, we delved into their story that led Connatix to successfully adopt AY Traffic Shaping solution. Let’s dive in!

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Challenges | Tech-Driven Operational Optimization

Connatix grappled with several challenges in its digital advertising operations—particularly in maximizing traffic efficiency, reducing costs while maximizing overall revenue.

From setup complexities to QPS limits optimization, they were seeking an adtech solution to further streamline their processes and maximize supply path optimization across demand partners, some of which impose caps and others which simply favor efficiency.

Setting up campaigns to optimize performance while managing multiple elements for upload simultaneously proved to be complex. Additionally,  tasks like monitoring ad delivery, improving traffic quality with higher value than operational costs, ensuring higher bid rates, and managing DSP threshold limits manually can be arduous and time-consuming. While they had an in-house solution, they were looking for a partner that could help improve bid optimization, resource allocation and maximize revenue.

We were seeking solutions to make smarter requests—more machine learning behind what to send and what not to send. These challenges drove the need for a robust solution like Assertive Yield,” explained Jesse Fisher, Head of Product Advertising at Connatix.

Solution | Sophisticated AI Traffic Shaping

In this search, Connatix partnered with Assertive Yield to continue delivering top tier performance, while taking their QPS threshold profitability to the next level.  

By testing Assertive Yield’s  Traffic Shaping Solution, they realized that with the flexibility of the solution and  AY’s expert team, they were able to leverage a high-tech solution and co-develop new features to address their needs.

“The ability to co-develop with Assertive Yield is interesting. It's a sort of hybrid model, which made us feel like we were buying but also building and co-developing. It's a great solution!”, added Jesse Fisher, Head of Product Advertising at Connatix.

With AY's ML user profiling prediction, Connatix can now utilize intelligent matchmaking. By analyzing bid signals and autonomously making informed decisions, only the most pertinent and valuable bids are sent to each demand partner. This optimized workflow increases traded value, win rates, and infrastructure cost savings as a result of fewer requests to process, however with higher value. 

Jesse described this solution as “a great way to establish more confident QPS reduction overall—an evolution in the way that SPO algorithms are going to be tweaked, which is likely to improve CPMs and sustainability in the long-run.

Among their favorite features are the Loss Capping and Custom Metadata, as it helps to ensure optimal performance and maximize revenue. Custom Metadata, for example, provided Connatix with the flexibility to apply proprietary insights to Assertive Yield's algorithm, enhancing value for demand partners, and advertisers alike.

Connatix was able to simplify manual processes for their programmatic operations team through an intuitive user interface (UI) and API, enabling swift and efficient management of daily operations.

“It's a game changer. We now have greater confidence that we are managing our caps more efficiently and with fewer discrepancies. We know that we're in a good spot through all the testing that we did, and after being live for several months - that's a pretty good feeling", said Jesse Fisher.

Results | An impressive 40%+ QPS reduction with no negative impact on revenue!

Connatix, in collaboration with AY’s Traffic Shaping solution, successfully reduced their overall QPS by over 40%. This reduction was achieved by eliminating wasteful bid requests without negatively impacting CPMs, also leading to a milestone in their path towards Ad Net Zero.

“Collectively, between our solution and complemented by Assertive Yield, we've been able to reduce our overall QPS by greater than 40 percent, which has been wonderful for us, because by doing that, we have not seen a negative impact on our CPMs, which is great!”, exclaimed Jesse Fisher, Head of Advertising Products at Connatix.

Furthermore, Connatix's journey with Assertive Yield was marked by exceptional support and collaboration. The hands-on approach of Assertive Yield's CEO, along with the 24/7 support from the AY team, and the responsiveness of the developers, ensured that Connatix received immediate assistance whenever needed.

“With any new product or any new solution, there are always growing pains and bumps along the way, but we've never really been left for more than 24 hours without knowing what the next steps are,” shared Jesse.

Despite the challenges of implementing new solutions and the unique requirements of each of their demand partners, Connatix wrapped up all integrations within 4-6 weeks with Assertive Yield.


Connatix's approach to QPS reduction, streamlining processes for continuous optimization and management is now empowered by AY. With Traffic Shaping solution and AY’s adtech expert engineering and support team,  Connatix can boost operational efficiency, freeing up the team to focus on strategic initiatives.

Do you lead SSPs operations and need a sophisticated and robust platform to scale efficiently, like Connatix? Learn more about how Assertive Yield can help your business achieve remarkable results. Watch Traffic Shaping Demo or Schedule a meeting with our experts and start testing AY AY Traffic Shaping Solution today!

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