Hitopic’s journey to a 30% uplift in viewability and RPM

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Discover how Hitopic, a French ad management company and Google Certified Publishing Partner, overcame challenges in scaling and data management. This success story explores their journey from labor-intensive processes to streamlined operations and increased viewability and average Revenue by Thousand Impressions (RPM) by 30%, all made possible with Assertive Yield's Yield Manager and Yield Intelligence.


In the dynamic world of ad revenue optimization, Hitopic, a French Google Certified Publishing Partner, faced significant challenges in scaling its operations. In this customer story, we will explore their journey from struggling with client ad stack set-up  processes and header bidding partner management to achieving a streamlined operation and boosted revenue.

The Challenges: optimizing yield for scalability

  1. Time-consuming manual header bidding management

Hitopic, under the leadership of CEO Pierre Bouchard, faced a multi-faceted challenge. Their primary obstacle was handling header bidding partners more effectively, aiming to overcome the limitations of their existing, less-automated system.

This scaling needed to be achieved without overburdening their core technology with excessive feature additions or testing. 

"Challenges for an ad management company like us was to be able to provide the most optimal yield in a long-term view and scale without breaking the tech by adding features/testings in our core technology." - Pierre Bouchard, Founder & CEO of Hitopic.

Beyond the technical scaling, Hitopic also struggled with collecting, normalizing and analyzing relevant data throughout several different revenue streams. The possibility to slice and dice these data was crucial for providing clear, strategic insights to their publishers. 

  1. Time-consuming and inefficient onboarding process  

Another challenge was scaling their operations. Streamlining  the ad stack setup of  a single publisher to efficiently handle hundreds.

The existing onboarding process was time-consuming and inefficient, taking up to two days to onboard a single new publisher. With a growing pipeline of new publishers, this sluggish process threatened their growth and market responsiveness.

“We have a pipeline of hundred new publishers per month to onboard. Do the math, and it's unsustainable, so we needed to improve the process and build a management platform to onboard new publishers fast and efficiently” - Pierre Bouchard, Founder & CEO of Hitopic.

Hitopic also needed to update new versions and features quickly and spread them massively on their wallet of publishers. 

The Solution: scaling operations with AY Yield Manager

Assertive Yield's Yield Manager became the anchor in Hitopic's operational overhaul. By implementing AY tool, Hitopic dramatically improved publishers’  ad stack setup speed, header bidding management, and ad stack optimization.

The user experience of the platform is so intuitively designed to scale that it significantly reduced the effort and time required for setup, allowing Hitopic to focus more on strategic tasks. 

"Yield Manager helped us support scalability, it is the tool we currently use to fastly operate our network." - Pierre Bouchard. 

With Yield Intelligence, the company now has access to granular partner performance data in real-time, and is able to cross-analyze dozens of new dimensions and metrics that are otherwise impossible to track via Google Ad Manager. 

Moreover, Assertive Yield provided not just a platform but open access to AY’s ad tech experts, ensuring Hitopic remained compliant with evolving ad regulations and industry standards across Europe.  They finally found a team with deep knowledge of ad technologies and standards.

 "In a time where regulations, law and standards in adtech evolve a lot,  having access to developers and experts with deep knowledge, such as AY’s team,  is just as important as the platform itself." 

Beyond having state-of-art ad stack, Hitopic’s team can consult with Assertive Yield customer support experts whenever they need specific guidelines or best practices on how to set up and manage Google ad stack or major SSPs’ features.

The outcome: 30% RPM uplift and 16x faster publisher onboarding

The implementation of Assertive Yield's technologies led to remarkable improvements for Hitopic:

  • Publisher ad stack setup and onboarding process was reduced from two days to just one hour per publisher;
  • Header bidding set ups and management, which was manual and time-consuming, became a matter of minutes for each bidder;
  • An impressive 30% increase in global viewability across the network, translating to a similar boost in average Revenue Per Thousand Impressions (RPM).

This transformation allowed Hitopic to focus on their core mission: assisting publishers in growing traffic and optimizing their monetization strategies.

Do you lead  publishers or SSPs ad operations in need of tech sophistication to scale efficiently, like Hitopic? Learn more about how AY Yield Manager can help your business achieve remarkable results. Request a demo today or try our Assertive Yield Suite for free!

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