How Shinez Achieved a 50% Display Revenue Boost

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“Assertive Yield changed the game for us because we saw an amazing uplift in [session] RPMs, in some cases, we saw up to a 50% uplift”, Shai Shiff, CTO and Co-founder of Shinez.

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The Challenges: real-time performance monitoring and error alert

In the world of online content creation and publishing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. For Shai Shiff, CTO and Co-founder of Shinez, a data-driven content company, optimizing ad revenue while maintaining a seamless user experience was a constant challenge. With their in-house solutions, they had achieved impressive results, and there was little incentive to explore new options. Yet, like most companies in the ever-evolving digital landscape, Shinez aimed to push their performance boundaries even further.

One significant challenge Shinez faced was managing multiple SSPs (Supply-Side Platforms) and delivering hundreds of millions of ads daily. The sheer volume of data demanded real-time visibility and instant issue detection. Each minute counted in their quest for optimal ad performance. Enter Assertive Yield (AY), a product that promised to change the game.

“For us the main pain point is that we work with a few dozens of SSPs, we are delivering hundreds of millions of ads each day and that's a lot of data we need to monitor. We need to always have real-time and complete visibility of our performance and we need to be aware of any potential issues because each minute and every second counts.”

The Solutions: boosting agility and control with AY Yield Manager

“The Yield Manager, I like how it's so easy to configure it, make changes, and deploy them. Everything is super fast and super easy. I can do A/B tests on those changes and monitor everything in real-time to make sure all the changes I'm doing are actually benefiting us and there are no new bugs or we didn't actually hurt performance in some way.”

Shai Shiff was initially skeptical about trying yet another product. Still, Shinez's commitment to continuous improvement prompted them to explore what Assertive Yield had to offer. What they discovered was a tool that simplified their ad stack setup, configuration changes, and performance monitoring.

The Yield Manager, a core component of Publisher’s Next-Gen Platform, proved to be a game-changer. Its user-friendly interface allowed Shai and his team to swiftly configure, implement changes, and run A/B/n tests, all while maintaining real-time visibility. This flexibility ensured that every adjustment benefited Shinez without introducing new issues or affecting performance negatively.

The transition to AY freed up valuable time and resources for the Shinez team. They could now focus on developing other in-house products, confident that their ad stack was in capable hands. And should they ever need assistance, the Assertive Yield team was readily available.

The Results: operational efficiency leading to a 50% uplift in Revenue per Session (RPM)

“So we're always looking to increase the overall user session and what we saw is that the Assertive Yield product did exactly that. They increase the [Session] RPMs we are getting and while we're still keeping the same user experience for the users.”

The real test of Assertive Yield's impact was in the results. Shinez saw an impressive uplift in Session RPMs (Revenue Per Mille), with some cases showing a staggering 50% increase. But what mattered most was that this increase in revenue did not come at the expense of user experience.

Shai Shiff and his team had achieved their primary goal: optimizing user value without compromising user satisfaction. They didn't need to resort to intrusive ad tactics. Instead, Assertive Yield allowed them to boost RPMs while maintaining a seamless user experience.

In essence, AY's Yield Manager made everyone happy—the users, Shinez, and the Assertive Yield team. By increasing RPMs while keeping the user experience intact, Shinez extended user sessions and ensured that their content remained engaging and profitable.

In conclusion, Assertive Yield transformed Shinez's ad performance by providing a robust solution to their challenges. With AY's assistance, Shinez not only increased its revenue but also ensured that their users continued to enjoy a top-notch experience. It's a testament to the power of cutting-edge pubtech solutions in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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