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In the fast-paced world of digital advertising, finding the right tools and strategies to optimize revenue can be a formidable task. This is especially true for organizations like World History Encyclopedia, a non-profit dedicated to providing historical knowledge to the masses. In this customer story, we delve into the challenges World History Encyclopedia faced before adopting Assertive Yield's Yield Manager solution, the innovative transformations it brought to the table, and the key results that followed.

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Challenges Before Assertive Yield

Jan van der Crabben, the CEO and Founder of World History Encyclopedia, began by reflecting on the organization's initial setup. He mentioned their custom-built prebid solution, boasting an impressive 80% viewability metric. However, they soon realized that their setup lacked certain critical functionalities.

One of the primary challenges was the inability to access detailed reporting data from Google Ad Manager and Amazon. Instead, they had to rely on estimates from an early prebid analytics tool. This limitation hindered their ability to make informed decisions and accurately measure the performance of their demand partners.

Moreover, they struggled with understanding how demand partners impacted their site's performance, particularly in terms of latency and user experience. Cumulative layout shifts caused by different demand partners remained a mystery as well.

“Initially we had a setup that we had built ourselves, and we had implemented what we thought was a very advanced implementation of prebid custom implementation with A/B testing functionalities, lazy loading, active in-view refresh, and all.” Jan van der Crabben, the CEO and Founder of World History Encyclopedia

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Assertive Yield Solutions

Despite initial reluctance, World History Encyclopedia decided to give Assertive Yield's Yield Manager a try. The decision paid off handsomely. They discovered that Assertive Yield offered unparalleled granularity in reporting, allowing them to access actual data down to the order and line item level in Google Ad Manager.

With Assertive Yield, World History Encyclopedia could finally measure crucial performance metrics. They gained insights into the impact of demand partners on page latency, cumulative layout shifts, and overall user experience. Armed with this information, they could identify demand partners adding value and those potentially harming user experience.

“Assertive Yield really helped us understand how each of our demand Partners is doing. We wanted to measure things like, “How much does a demand partner slow down our auction? How much latency does that add to the page?” Some demand partners have special creatives that break out of the standard IAB formats, so we wanted to understand things like how much cumulative layout shift this demand partner adds to our page. These are all the things that Assertive Yield allows us to see” Jan van der Crabben.

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Key Results with Yield Manager Solution

The transition to Yield Manager led to rapid and significant improvements in World History Encyclopedia's programmatic advertising revenue. Within weeks, they witnessed a remarkable 25% increase in overall advertising revenue from programmatic advertising. This increase continued to grow, ultimately reaching an impressive 63%+.

One essential metric that saw a positive shift was Revenue per thousand sessions (RPM), which had remained flat for six months prior to using Assertive Yield. Through A/B testing, they confirmed that Assertive Yield's solution was generating positive returns. This increase in RPM is directly correlated with the adoption of Yield Manager.

The impact of Assertive Yield's Yield Manager solution was transformative. Their ads loaded faster, viewability rates improved, and demand partners enjoyed higher win rates. This overall programmatic revenue increase of 63%+ was a testament to the power of Yield Manager in optimizing ad operations.

“Our supply looks a lot better to our demand partners because their win rates are higher, the click-through rates are higher, and the viewability rates are higher and that has resulted in an overall Programmatic Revenue increase for us of 63%, which we can directly attribute to Assertive Yield's Yield Manager - that's pretty impressive!” Jan van der Crabben, CEO/Founder of World History Encyclopedia.

In conclusion, World History Encyclopedia's journey with Assertive Yield's Yield Manager product underscores the importance of adopting innovative solutions to overcome challenges in the digital advertising landscape. With a commitment to providing historical knowledge to the world, World History Encyclopedia found a reliable partner in Assertive Yield, one that not only improved their revenue but also enhanced the user experience for their audience. This success story serves as an inspiration for organizations looking to maximize their programmatic advertising potential.

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