Traffic Acquisition

Scale with data in mind

Real-time, normalized data combining revenue and spend sources, the RPS, CPC, and ROI (margin) for each campaign, adset, ad, publisher, section, or account.

Free for up to 10mm/m impressions. No credit card required. For details see pricing.

How you change the game?

Slide down to uncover AY new game

Old Game

One level damage alert

Difficulty pinpointing bugs and troubleshooting

Inability to keep up with Traffic Spikes and decreases

New Game

3 severity level notifications

Accurately pinpoint the source of bugs and easily troubleshoot them from one place

Actively monitor traffic spikes,
and mitigate revenue losses

Boosting Traffic Acquisition

Buying traffic should be easy, based on data, and in real-time, right? Stop spending a lot of resources with data collection, cleaning and normalization. Now you just found a tool that enables that!

Optimize on today’s data, not yesterday!

Compliment all the real-time data from Yield Intelligence, by combining it with your bought traffic data. Last-hour data, across several dimensions. Empower your media buyers with a quick look that shows successful campaigns. Stop losing out due to long hours of waiting for information from multiple sources to get in sync.

You don’t have to rely on big techs data anymore!

Accurate Data collection and normalization

Real-Time Revenue Attribution

Deep layers of revenue attribution: content, user segment. Accurate revenue data In real-time with automated discrepancy handling. Analyze with assertiveness all revenue generated across multiple partners, revenue channels, countries and timezones.

Easy integrations with the main platforms for publisher-bought traffic. Implement and match each with a different key, multiple accounts, and sub-accounts supported.

Spend Attribution

Collect data from different dimensions across multiple spend partners in one place. We know that different providers tend to use different namings, and with a little bit of work with UTM paramaters, you can have them all set under one space.

Go the extra mile

With Yield Manager you can not only have a good ad stack integration at your disposal but also control the way pixel and pixel events fire up.

Collect RPS data within a session and send it as pixel events, to enable buy-side algorithms to optimize for the highest returns. You can also choose and enable each pixel based on the source.

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Google Has Added Confirmed Click To Some Of Your Ads: What You Need To Know

The confirmed click penalty, which is also known as 2 click penalty, and “visit site overlay” is no longer shadow penalty and is being officially warned about by Google. This technical gimmick that lets Alphabet protect its advertisers from paying for bad clicks, has been around for quite some time. Still, it was never really acknowledged officially by Google, even though it might have quite an impact on the revenue coming from Google AdX.

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