Traffic Shaping

Higher profitability with lower cost

Shape and optimize your traffic to generate more profitability from your DSP partners using assertive user profiling to reach the more profitable matchmaking.

Slide Down & Uncover The New Game

Old Game

Digital waste: >95% of all bid requests

Low traffic quality = frustated partners

QPS limits = lower profitability

New Game

ML User profiling prediction

Higher profitability from DSPs thresholds

Lower traffic cost and greener programmatic chain

Smart Bid Request Optimization

Double or triple your results

It's time to play an entirely new game with AY's unique QPS optimization solution. In today's world of increasing QPS limitations, random sampling to predict supply volume, blocking segments or bidders, FIFO real-time counters, - all these initiatives are unreasonably limiting your performance. Be a stronger player by understanding the demand behind each user!

Increase optimal QPS, traded value, wins rates, and infrastructure cost savings as a result of fewer requests to process

Wasteful requests are network requests that result in no significant value; for example no response, no bid, bid below operating cost

Improves the quality of traffic resulting in higher overall bid rates and traded volume leading to more revenue and a significant reduction in the server cost

Improve the bid rate seen by the external bidders, selects monetizable requests to better utilize the QPS limits improving ROl for all participants

Winning SSPs can now reach new heights of revenue

QPS Optimization logo
QPS Optimization

Let the AY Algorithm pick the best queries to be sent each second by setting the QPS threshold for each DSP and data center.

Better DSP relationships logo
Better DSP relationships

Provide your DSP partners a singular experience and negotiate for higher QPS limits by only sending relevant and green traffic.

Traffic cost reduction logo
Traffic cost reduction

Free up server networking for more demand or decrease cloud expenses by removing bids below operational value.

Predictions with real-time user profiles logo
Predictions with real-time user profiles

Create assertive users profiles in real-time, enabled by high accuracy AY Machine Learning predictions that match trillions of ad-requests in microseconds.

Green traffic logo
Green traffic

Collaborate to less carbon emissions eliminating digital waste up to 60%: with a higher quality traffic and reduced traffic cost.

Go the extra mile logo
Go the extra mile

Reduce incoming queries as well by implementing our solution directly to publishers you work with.

Let’s win this new game?

Overcome DSP limits, optimize your traffic performance

One of a kind solution powered by machine learning in real-time

Incredibly high RPS: thousands per core

Low memory consumption: 400 MB + Fast response times: in microseconds

They are playing chess... are you still playing checker?

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Google Has Added Confirmed Click To Some Of Your Ads: What You Need To Know

The confirmed click penalty, which is also known as 2 click penalty, and “visit site overlay” is no longer shadow penalty and is being officially warned about by Google. This technical gimmick that lets Alphabet protect its advertisers from paying for bad clicks, has been around for quite some time. Still, it was never really acknowledged officially by Google, even though it might have quite an impact on the revenue coming from Google AdX.

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