Yield Intelligence

Your data. Your game.

Imagine all your revenue streams, collected, cleaned and normalized in real-time. Now with tremendous granularity. And better than it's your first-party data, with highly accurate revenue predictions. Stop imagining and discover Yield Intelligence. It's time to play a new game.

Slide Down & Uncover The New Game

All your revenue streams data in one place, in real-time across: Prebid, Amazon, Programmatic and Direct Sales. Get tremendous granular data and hundreds metrics extended with your custom data segments and audiences.

Old Game

Old 3rd Party Data Analysis

Login into multiple accounts, consolidation issues and resources

Inefficient troubleshooting

New Game

Real-time 1st Party Data Analysis

All revenue sources in one place

Fast and assertive problem-solving

Viewability, exposure, user sessions, and page views are all old game metrics. Now you can have access to massive granular data and analyse them across more than 300 dimensions and metrics.

Yield Analytics in real-time

Analyze header bidding, banners, videos, affiliate and native micro-transactions using first-party data collected and normalized in real-time.

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RevOps holistic view

Manage all your revenue data in one place in real-time across hundreds of dimensions and metrics extended with your custom data segments and audiences. Surreal Granular Data across all Dimensions with uncountable Metrics

Tremendous granular data

Deep layers of revenue attribution in PageView and content level. Revenue Forecast Predictions with 96% accuracy and automated discrepancy handling. Increase your profits by analyzing unrevealed data, optimizing, testing, monitoring performance and preventing troubleshooting all with real-time data.

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Real-time alerts

Monitor fluctuations in performance in real-time, seize opportunities and meticulously fix discrepancies before they impact your revenue. On top of that, gain overall operational efficiency in your AdOps and RevOps.

A next generation of data-driven teams

A single view of yield data to generate more revenue, monitor performance, and prevent troubleshooting

Media Buying Teams

Adjust spending, enhance campaign performance and return of investment in real-time from different sources by identifying performance issues faster.

Sales Teams

Measure the performance of each partner and SSPs, readout on new deals, and bring in quality demand. Get access to an anonymized pool of industry data from multiple publishers.

Management and Finance Teams

Check on discrepancies before they impact your revenue and get help with end of month reconciliation by analyzing vendors performance, ad earnings, ROI and growth, and yes, in real-time.

Product Teams

Get optimal user experience by segregating content according to user needs. With the help of AY data personalization, do not worry about losing new users! Measure & analyze all your financial impacts on website traffic in one place.

AdOps and Yield Teams

Overcome the challenges of relying on 3rd party data by operating trustworthy data collection and also finding troubleshooting solutions, all in real-time!

They are playing chess... are you still playing checker?

Disrupt Your Paradigms

Cutting Edge Technology

  • Low reporting latency

    Only 30 secs

  • Tracker on page

    Set-up in a week

  • Smart normalization

    API enhancements

  • AI machine learning

    Revenue prediction with 94-98% accuracy

Custom Segments

  • Data enrichment

    Use your own segments data or from DMP/CDP

  • Customization

    Create unlimited segments

BI Integration & Whitelabel

  • Data Export

    Use your own dashboards

  • Whitelabel

    Customize your AY Platform with your company logo

Access & Share Control

  • Multi-tenant

    Grant or deny access to specific entities for different clients

  • Limited sharing

    Define with whom what should be shared

It’s time to win the game

Essential for premium Publishers, SSPs, and Networks who seek to overcome operational challenges and focus on core business strategy.

You don’t have to rely on big tech's data anymore!

Stay Tuned

The latest industry news, interviews, technologies, and resources.

Google Has Added Confirmed Click To Some Of Your Ads: What You Need To Know

The confirmed click penalty, which is also known as 2 click penalty, and “visit site overlay” is no longer shadow penalty and is being officially warned about by Google. This technical gimmick that lets Alphabet protect its advertisers from paying for bad clicks, has been around for quite some time. Still, it was never really acknowledged officially by Google, even though it might have quite an impact on the revenue coming from Google AdX.

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