Yield Manager

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Controlling, Decisioning and reporting your ad stack from a single interface. Empower your team to easily test scenarios, preview and evaluate the financial impact and make assertive decisions. At a granular level in real-time? Sure!

Slide Down & Uncover The New Game

A holistic wrapper combined with AY real-time analytics, Yield Manager is the real game changer

Old Game

Take months to product & developers teams to make changes

Time and resource consuming to run one or two A/B tests from time to time

Dozens of platforms and vendors management...

New Game

Minutes to propose and preview changes, accountability, revisions, versions control and rolling deployments.

No code A/B tests, see results only minutes later!

All-in-One Solution and much more...

They are playing chess... are you still playing checker?

Discover Yield Manager

Without touching code, speed up release cycles 10x and simplify testing in real-time: ship fast, evaluate, revert, reduce risk, deploy. Supports multiple layouts and Single-page applications with ease of integration.

Powerful wrapper under your control

Get all the standard features for your stack, inside a highly optimized codebase that works flawlessly with prebid, Amazon, GAM, Content Rec, Video and more. On top of lazy loading, bid flooring, user IDs, and support for all prebid modules, you can also have: Custom destroy distant ad units logic - for long pages; Smart refresh features - compliant with IAB, - including custom ad refresh for different partners, and direct ads; And an advanced bid caching solution.

No code, fully flexible

Empower your AdOps team with absolute control to test, change and add: New bidders, ad units, pixels, events, video players and ad units behaviours. And also to deploy directly to the webpage. Image new ways to monetize and track elements on the page and be at the top of your game.

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Fully programmable with custom logic and variables

A developer can unleash the potential of Yield Manager by creating custom variables, saving countless hours of its time. Show different ad units, pixels, and other monetization elements based on the page depth, on custom javascript triggers. Optimize for fast performance across different layouts. Transfer all your custom logic from your existing ad stack and put it to the test.

Real-time experimentation: reliable A/B testing

Custom Code Library - No developers needed to deploy or revert. Configure triggers based on desired conditions and compare versions in detail with granular data analytics.

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Built to scale successfully

Replicate and control your ad stack setup across multiple domains simultaneously from a single place. With variables and programmable logic, you can control the different ad stacks, with their differences in mind, while collectively changing what’s common for them. Easy set-up with a single javascript on the page, and can even work without ad-specific divs on the page.

Data-driven change Management

Empowered by AY Yield Intelligence Analytics solution allows the validation of the financial return of new versions, maintenance updates, layout adjustments and more.

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Optimal Vendor Performance

Access revenue data in real-time or new integrations or while pausing a specific vendor. Re-balance demand to address market changes and seasonality. Pair with data for sessions and pageviews, to ensure you are getting the real data for session RPM.

Continuous Optimization

Find out how to get the most out of new strategies, analyze outcomes per country, per source, per layout, per content, even per user. Get the best performance of Ad refresh and Lazy Loading results by visualizing their performance in detail.

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Dynamic bid adjustments and SSP reconsolidation

Connect your SSPs and AY platform will automatically maintain bid adjustments based on the discrepancy between what they are bidding and what they are paying. Set alerts and get notifications when a relevant discrepancy is detected, and take instantly act on the issue.

Personalized experiences based on user profiling

Easily control the ads you are showing to different users. Ease up on first-time users through organic search, choose different layouts on paid traffic or specific partners based on its geolocation. Make the most out of your traffic, apply different monetization techniques and join us to play this new game.

AI WebAds Mediation

Which ad partner or ad format to should be shown for a visiting user? Let AY advanced predictive model decides, optimize and achieve outstanding results. Run a different out-stream video players and discover the most profitable choice based on the traffic segment. Choose between two smaller ads, instead of a big one, or switch to AdSense when it makes sense to do so.

Visit & User Lifetime Value Optimization

Get 2x times higher audience engagement by giving your team a simple and fast way to deploy and manage all existing tags on the analytics, ads, marketing, content, vendors/partners and tools. Choose the way they load, separate them by layouts, or any other custom triggers and compliment them with build in and custom variables.

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Essential for premium Publishers, SSPs, Networks who seek to disrupt their operations through accurate 1st party data with incredible transparency in real-time.

You don’t have to rely on big techs data anymore!

How does Yield Manager help to empower your business?

Powerful & Frictionless Workflow

Speed up and improve workflows. Get faster time to market with no code on page, preview mode to test and QA, detailed change management, version history and review processes. Speed Up A/B testing Processes

Fast Paced A/B Test and deploy

Create & compare versions, track deployments, control and improve key performance metrics like Viewability, Revenue per Visit, Core Web Vitals, Visit Length

Flexible and Programmable

Stay as flexible as you want and need to be with fully programmable capabilities. Use javascript to solve complex needs in a simple and maintainable way

Turn Weeks into Minutes

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