Cambium: Digital and Print Media Group Achieved a 30% Revenue Per Session Uplift

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Discover Cambium Media's transformative journey in revenue optimization. Faced with the challenge of mastering ad technology for revenue optimization, consolidation, and diversification, Cambium partnered with Assertive Yield. The result? A significant 30% uplift in Revenue Per Session, showcases the power of comprehensive ad stack management and granular analytics control.

"This result is very significant and clearly attributed to the Assertive Yield's products performance" - Julien Hermetet, Chief Revenue Officer. 


In an era where digital assets define the revenue streams of media companies, Cambium Media, a prominent French press publisher in the Home and Gardening niche, faced a pivotal challenge. 

Their journey with Assertive Yield was characterized by the need to optimize ad revenues, internalize technological capabilities, and enhance operational efficiency.  

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The Challenge: having control over ad stack management and performance

Julien Hermetet, Chief Revenue Officer at Cambium, outlined the complex nature of their challenge: ensuring consistent performance across digital assets, including websites, social media, and affiliate networks. 

Despite having a robust portfolio of digital and print media, Cambium needed help with revenue optimization and control over its ad stack management and performance.

“It's crucial for us to continuously optimize and control our revenues while experimenting with new strategies. At the same time,  having a comprehensive view of digital revenues, and consolidating them."

This ambition was hindered by limited solutions that failed to address their need for a holistic view of its assets - including measuring Revenue Per Session, per page, per format, per browser, and ad performance by devices, channels, cookies, strategies, locations,  and other metrics. 

"We tested various ad solutions but we were a bit limited in two fundamental aspects: data granularity and real-time capabilities”, Julien explained.

The solution: a total ad revenue management platform built for publishers

Cambium needed more visibility on ad stack issues and management. With Assertive Yield, the company finally had access to a one-stop-shop logic. To gain in-depth analytics, a holistic wrapper with real-time alerts, customizable dashboards, and dynamic flooring. Keep on reading to learn the details!

Full control of the ad stack with Yield Manager

The introduction of AY's Yield Manager was a game-changer for Cambium. This tool empowered them to set up their ad stack dynamically, enhancing control and flexibility. 

It addressed Cambium’s internalization issue and provided the team with a one-stop-shop solution. Julien noted the immediate impact:

"Yield Manager allows us to set up our advertising stack, add or remove SSPs, and control all broadcasting conditions, exclusions, etc. We can now streamline our ad setup, and control, significantly improving our ad strategy execution", said Julien.

Advanced analytics with Yield Intelligence

Yield Intelligence further revolutionized Cambium's approach. This product offered in-depth, slice-and-dice analytics across multiple dimensions that were otherwise unavailable in Google Ad Manager and other traditional tools. 

"The Yield Intelligence solution provides us with the ability to delve into data and analyze various criteria to assess the performance of SSPs, formats, placements, devices, browsers, UTM, etc," Julien remarked.

The major thing, according to Hermetet, is that Cambium Media now “clearly saves time on reporting”,  which enables them to move faster, find information, and optimize strategies more effectively.

He also stated how they were able to address a crucial programmatic issue by using AI to set floor prices adapted to contexts and history, through AY’s Dynamic flooring.

The outcome: a 30% increase in RPM

The implementation of Assertive Yield's solutions marked a transformative phase for Cambium, as the company saw an uplift of over 30% in its Revenue Per Session. 

This remarkable surge was not merely a numerical uptick; it represented an enhancement across various facets of their business.

 Additionally, the dedicated and proactive support from the Assertive Yield team played a pivotal role in this success story, as Cambium benefited immensely from their consistent support and availability.

“The responsiveness during implementation was quick. I also noted a high availability of the AY teams.

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