How Boons Reached 20% Increase in Revenue per Session

"We've been able to analyze and then roll out the impact of several tests, which have led to a drastic increase in revenue per session of up to 15 and 20% at the time, because of that ability to really just analyze all of our integrations in one place."

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Boons Media is a mobile-focused publisher, and as such, they needed to be more creative with the tests they could conduct because they don't have the digital real estate to play around with the layout. Their main challenges before Assertive Yield were:

Real-Time Data Analysis & Customization

As a tech-focused publisher company, one way for them to monetize better is to be able to analyze user session levels in real-time. For example, how long do readers typically spend reading their articles, and what data can be monetized? It was also critical for them to be able to collect and customize this data, as well as data from their multiple A/B tests, in real-time and without the data volume constraints that other platforms impose.

"We were looking for an analytics provider that could help us with real-time data on user session level and also give us the customization to dissect all the data coming in, in real-time."  Asher Glinsman - Head of Monetization Boons Media.

Difficulty with 3rd-party Data Integration

Finding a platform that could provide them with user session-level data, integrate with Google Ads Manager (GAM), and at the same time, allow them to extract data from there and dissect it not only with predefined dimensions but also with dimensions they could create all in one place -was difficult. But, then, there is also the delay associated with relying on other platforms to generate all of these data reports.

AY Solutions

When Boons Media approached us with their challenges, we easily deduced that most of these challenges were expected for an organization such as theirs, thus relief for them when they realized that our Yield Intelligence solution is the answer to their prayers and more. Our solution was able to provide Boons Media with:

Slice & Dice Data In Real-time

The ability to slice data however they wanted is a real bonus for Boons Media. They were able to run tests with custom dimensions by monitoring their users' real-time session-level data with metrics like ads per session or page views per session. 

For example, they could divide their traffic into A/B test portions for each project, paste that into Yield Intelligence, and quickly determine whether the change would be positive or negative. 

They also obtained additional layers of information on users, allowing Boons Media to answer any question related to their users on Assertive Yield while creating, pausing, and analyzing custom dimensions for template layouts and user demographics.

Accessibility of Holistic & Distinctive Metrics

Aside from the usual unique matrices we provide (session per page, cross analytics, custom dimensions, and more), we recently launched a new metric called "New versus Returning Users." This metric allows Boons Media to distinguish between users who return, those who haven't seen their sites before, and those who are brand new. It is useful when they conduct consent-related tests, such as updating consent notices and CMPs. 

So, from dimensions to metrics, we've got you covered.

"Actually, we've been really impressed with assertive yields’ ever-growing list of metrics that you can analyze Revenue Per Session and page views. Revenue per sessions are always  important to us as a mobile publisher as well as things that you don't even think about on the day-to-day but are very important." Asher.

Seamless Integration With 360 Support System

Assertive Yield could not be more precise. It's a simple on-page integration in just a few lines of JavaScript that Boons Media was able to integrate easily. We also provided them with documentation containing detailed information on how to implement custom dimensions in GAM seamlessly. We responded to all of their inquiries and provided team support within minutes by sharing a Slack channel with Boons Media (of which Nils Lind is also a member).

Boons Results

"We've been able to analyze and then roll out the impact of tests, which have led to drastic revenue per session increases of up to 15 and 20% at the time. Because of that ability to really just analyze all of our integrations in one place." Asher Glinsman - Head of Monetization Boons Media

All Revenue Streams In One Place

Since implementing Yield Intelligence, the Boons Media team has been able to save hours of manual work every week and roll out A/B tests faster and more efficiently. 

As a result, they now have a clear picture of their revenue from their various inventory - videos and display native - and can make informed business decisions based on a more transparent and concise picture of users' data analytics.

15 - 20% Increase In RPS

After implementing Yield Intelligence, Boons Media saw a significant increase in RPM. They were able to optimize their layouts and domains, resulting in a 20% increase in revenue per thousand impressions. The availability of real-time data and insights, allowed Boons Media to make data-driven decisions and improve its overall yield.

In the end, they were not only able to increase their revenue per session but were also able to save time and resources. With Yield Intelligence, they no longer had to manually track and analyze their data, freeing up valuable time for other essential tasks.

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