Total Revenue Management solution in real-time with epic data granularity

Our diverse experience with sell-side players is due to our extensive customer base over the years. Be prepared to “re-write your playbooks”, and forget the game as you know it.

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Data-driven Publishers and SSPs area maximizing revenue by using a single platform to collect, analyze, and optimize their operations.

Data is Power for World Leading SSPs

Publishers can expect better results by working with many Supply Side Platforms simultaneously and opening up new avenues of demand. AY gives the tools to SSPs to make these workflows extraordinary.

What are the issues we are solving with SSPs?

Supply Side Platforms often face greater competition for demand in the industry, duplication of auctions with very high infrastructure cost.

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We Support Greener Traffic With Lower Cost

Introducing AY’s unique QPS optimization solution

Double or Triple your results by understanding the demand behind each user

The traffic shaping decisioning is based on a frequently trained machine learning ensemble combining the strengths from Gradient Boosting and Neural Nets as seen in most of the top submissions.

The AI performance is enforced with the creation of user profiles in real time, which greatly improves the accuracy of the predictions further. This is done in a very resource-efficient way.

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